150 Piece First Aid Kit

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This is a complete Emergency First Aid Kit fully stocked with high quality medical supplies. It’s designed to help save lives, not just treat cuts and abrasions! It includes a CPR mask, an emergency blanket, instant ice pack, trauma pad, nitrile gloves, a rescue whistle mini Compass and 144 other quality items.

Be prepared for anything. This is the same First Aid Kit we include in our Emergency Survival Kit. Keep one in your bug out bag, vehicle glove box and home medical cabinet for quick access.


This is a complete Emergency First Aid Kit fully stocked with high quality medical supplies. It’s designed to help save lives, not just treat cuts and abrasions!

Accidents happen. Thankfully most are minor. But auto accidents, serious falls, electrocution, drowning and suffocation also occur all too often. Survival depends on three things, the right help at the right time with the right tools.

Our first aid kit is so comprehensive, we even include a first aid manual to help you make the right decisions if you have not had the benefit of doing a structured First Aid Course.

Totaling 150 carefully selected items, all securely packed in a 600 x 600 denier waterproof carry bag.

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Don’t be caught out in an emergency. Keep a first aid kit at home and in your vehicles.

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    Seb Grauben

    Before, I never really saw the need to own a first aid kit but a month or so back I took a bad fall and put a deep cut in my knee. Trying to find something to stop the blood and bandage it taught me a lesson. I bought this kit because it seemed to have more in it than others at the price and I’m not disappointed. I was surprised they could fit so many things inside! Now, I feel like I am prepared for almost any emergency, thanks to this first aid kit.

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    This is a well thought out kit. My work involves a lot of travel on gravel roads in fairly isolated areas and I recently came across a bad roll-over where both the driver and passenger were badly injured. It was a bit of a wake-up call for me so I wanted something that had more than just a few plasters. I think this kit is very comprehensive and good value.

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    John M.

    I wanted to get a basic first aid kit as a gift for each adult member of my family. I did not want anything too bulky because we would each have our own kit. However, I also did not want anything incomplete since it was for my wife and children. Luckily, this kit has all of the essentials anyone would possibly need in an emergency. It has various bandages, a CPR mask, ice pack, blanket, as well as different survival tools. All of these are neatly packed to make this first aid kit as compact as possible. Overall, I have been extremely happy with this purchase.

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    James Kin

    I wanted to buy a first aid kit to store in different places. I wanted one for our house as well as our cabin and two cars. The problem was most kits I found were either too limited or quite large, so they couldn’t be stored discreetly. That’s why I was so happy when I stumbled upon this one. It’s small enough to be hidden from view, but still has most of what you need. I would happily recommend this first aid kit to other people.

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      Thanks for the nice review, James.

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    Lorie Belle

    I like to keep this kit in my car whenever I travel with my boys. This has a number of items you would not expect in a basic first aid kit. It’s surprising how helpful this has been over the past few months since I bought it. Since my kids like outdoor activities like camping and sports, they get hurt quite a lot. This first aid kit has come in handy for us on more than one occasion. The best part is that this first aid kit is really compact so it fits well in our small car so there’s still space for sports and camping equipment.

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